IMG_1276Gavin Emerson. CEO, Conflict Engagement Specialist and Mediator

Conflict Intelligence Ltd, was originally founded by Gavin Emerson. Gavin is a highly experienced communicator, educator, advisor, psychological therapist and is also an accredited mediator. Gavin Emerson has spent over 20 years advising and developing psychological communication strategies to improve outcomes in corporate, legal, medical, and private sectors.  As a conflict engagement specialist he has assisted in many different environments, particularly with his skills and knowledge in constructively managing private and professional disputes. Gavin Emerson regularly speaks about disputes and conflict intelligence at international conferences. In addition, he has considerable experience in developing and presenting higher educational programes on specialised communication. (please see client testimonials)


Dr Robert Dupe. Scientific Advisor, BA, BSc, PhD, FRSM

Robert Dupe is a key medical/scientific advisor at Conflict Intelligence, providing relevant clinical input. He also is a senior lecturer and presenter who has considerable experience in pharmaco-biology, which underpins the emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses of those in dispute. In addition, he is extremely experienced in the brief strategic treatment of and anxiety, fear and trauma. He has spent considerable time in the field of cardiovascular medicine and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. He also has considerable experience lecturing on both post graduate and undergraduate programes.


Rizwana Hajiyani. Communication & Coaching Advisor

Rizwana Hajiyani is an accredited mediator and a specialist in conflict and communication coaching. Rizwana was formally a senior consultant on the leadership team for stress management support services for senior executives and management teams, where she was instrumental in the development of soft skills training programmes for a global consultancy and training organisation. She has also been highly involved in delivering post graduate courses in advanced communication skills.  In addition Rizwana is a highly experienced brief therapist dealing with  intrapersonal conflict and psychological issues.


Naomi Brooker, Advisor, BSc, GDL

Naomi gained her BSc qualification from University College London (UCL) in Biomedical Science followed by completing a Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP Law School. She has over 10 years experience researching with corporate companies including medical and legal institutes, identifying key challenges and market trends within industry. She also has extensive experience connecting industry professionals to the right experts for business development opportunities. Naomi’s expertise is within Market Research, Communication, Events & PR.


Conflict Intelligence Team. In addition, our specialist team is comprised of advisors and consultants from the fields of communication, dispute resolution, coaching, mediation, science, medicine, psychological therapy, business and law.


Our mission is to transform disputes through providing essential knowledge and skills, which are underpinned by science and psychology. To increase the conflict intelligence of those involved and improve both their communication and engagement.  

Gavin Emerson and our team are regularly invited to speak about dispute resolution and conflict intelligence at a range of international conferences.