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Targeted Psychological Support For Conflict & Disputes

We know first-hand how threatening and upsetting being in a dispute can be. Although negative emotional responses may well be normal in such difficult circumstances, without support they may still have an immense negative impact on your wellbeing, mental health and how you subsequently engage in a dispute.

We are here to offer brief and strategic help and support throughout this difficult time.

Regardless of whether your dispute involves litigation, many people who face conflicts with others, experience it slowly intruding and impacting many if not all aspects of their lives. If you are currently in a dispute you may be able to relate to some of the following:


Are you consistently unsettled, anxious, frightened, stressed, or overwhelmed. Do you experience considerable anger, frustration, hurt, a sense of loss, guilt or shame. Whilst also finding it very difficult to turn off or relax?

Are you finding it difficult to concentrate, experiencing repetitive negative thoughts, memories or waves of anxiety that seem to intrude in other aspects of your life. Whilst also finding it very difficult to turn off or relax?

Do you often get a sense that you want to avoid or escape from dealing with your conflict or dispute?

Are you noticing yourself spending more time speaking negatively about the other person or side in your dispute. Are you more concerned about how others will perceive you than usual. Are you seeking either emotional reassurance or possible allies to your dispute in colleagues, friends, or family?

Have you noticed that you are less tolerant, or that how you feel is impacting other relationships outside of your dispute?

Are things you previously enjoyed less pleasurable, due to intrusive thoughts, memories and feelings relating to your conflict?

Have you noticed physiological changes such as difficulty in sleeping, nightmares, increased tension in your body, headaches, palpitations, or has your appetite changed?


Going through a conflict or dispute has a huge emotional toll and can be one of the most difficult and upsetting psychological challenges that people face in their lives. One, that surprisingly, is often not openly acknowledged or even addressed on a supportive emotional level.

People in conflict frequently do not know where to turn for such support as they frequently believe they do not need conventional therapy. They may also have significant reservations and are fearful of seeking psychological support when in conflict. Often people fear it could damage their case or make them appear weak or vulnerable. When in fact this view is completely incorrect, and we have consistently found the opposite to be true. For instance, Lawyers, Judges, the court, social services and Cafcass, generally see those who have gained psychological support( specifically targeted at helping to manage negative emotions around their dispute) in a much more positive and favourable light; as it demonstrates both courage in facing often difficult emotions and in doing so you are taking constructive steps. Furthermore, in managing your emotions relating to your dispute you also increase your sense of self resilience whilst reducing personal vulnerability.

Research suggests people also look to litigation to not only successfully address the substantive issues in a dispute, but also in many cases to inadvertently resolve their emotional upset and anger. Unfortunately, with this incorrect assumption many people are sadly still left feeling highly distressed and emotionally dissatisfied regardless of the legal outcome. Subsequently disputes fuelled by emotional upset can continue for many years even after litigation, frequently impacting mental well-being and relationships. Therefore, dealing proactively and compassionately with the emotional impact of your dispute, is not only extremely important for your ongoing mental health and emotional wellbeing, but also serves as an aligned and adjunctive service to possible litigation or dealing constructively with any conflict.


How we can help:

  • We offer brief & strategic psychological interventions. The focus and nature of such support is solely on alleviating negative emotional distress and anxiety that relates to or from your current dispute. In many cases people’s psychological responses to conflict may well be normal in this context and therefore the emphasis is very much on improved management and coping. Whilst also seeking to support you through increased awareness and education.


  • We can give you the understanding, practical skills, and techniques to help you cope better during this difficult time in your life.


  • Our unique and time limited approaches have evolved over 25 years of ongoing research and application of brief psychological approaches for the elevation of emotional distress in a broad range of arenas. Amongst others, it utilises elements of psycho education, mindfulness, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural and Compassion Focussed approaches, specifically tailored towards understanding and sensitively managing the emotional impact and distress of conflict.


  • We are here to help and will aim to assist you as much or as little as needed. Our team are highly trained to assist with targeted psychological support. We utilise a multi-dimensional and highly compassionate approach to the alleviation of anxiety, anger, trauma, loss and to reduce general emotional distress. It is an approach based on modern psychobiological principles and in depth understanding behind the psychology and emotional impact of disputes and conflicts.


  • We offer targeted support and assistance within short term treatment parameters of generally 1-5 sessions.


  • Our sessions are strictly confidential and tailored to you and your individual needs.


  • We can also work in conjunction with your legal representatives, to ensure you are always emotionally supported both before, during and after litigation.



To review some of our client feedback please click (Testimonials).   In the unfortunate event that further litigation is still necessary, in many instances  we can still assist, particularly to ensure that your narrative is understood and that you also feel listened to. In addition, that the need for litigation is continually approached with a constructive attitude and long term outcome in mind and that you feel supported throughout the process.     Contact us today in confidence to discuss how we can assist you[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]