Gavin Emerson Conflict Intelligence Specialist & Strategic Therapist  

Gavin Emerson is a highly experienced brief strategic therapist, speaker and is also an accredited mediator. Gavin Emerson has spent over 20 years advising and developing psychological strategies to improve outcomes in corporate, legal, medical, and private sectors.  As an independent conflict intelligence specialist he has assisted in many different environments, particularly with his skills and knowledge in constructively managing emotional distress in private and professional disputes. Gavin regularly speaks about aspects of conflict & mindset intelligence at international conferences. In addition, he has considerable experience in developing and presenting higher educational programs for the management and treatment of emotional distress with brief therapeutic interventions (please see client testimonials).

Direct Contact Gavin Emerson : Tel: 07785786889


Dr Robert Dupe Scientific Advisor, BA, BSc, PhD

Robert Dupe is a key medical/scientific advisor providing relevant clinical input. He also is a senior lecturer and presenter who has considerable experience in pharmaco-biology, which underpins the emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses of those in dispute. In addition, he is extremely experienced in the brief strategic treatment of anxiety, fear and trauma. He has spent considerable time in the field of cardiovascular medicine and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. He also has considerable experience lecturing on both post graduate and undergraduate programmes.



In addition, our specialist team is also comprised of advisors and consultants from the fields of communication, dispute resolution, coaching, mediation, science, medicine, psychological therapy, business and law.


Our mission is to transform disputes through providing essential knowledge and skills that alleviate emotional distress and suffering. To increase the conflict intelligence of those involved and support both their communication and constructive engagement.  

Gavin Emerson and his team are regularly invited to speak about dispute engagement and conflict intelligence at a range of international conferences.